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Protect Your University

Schools have many questions and concerns in figuring out the best way to bring students back safely.

How to keep your students safe?

What to do if there is an outbreak on campus?

Are schools allowed to require testing/vaccinations?

How do you handle extracurricular activities?

Thoughts from University Leaders…

Students & employees (100K) will be required to get vaccinated. This is saving lives, its as simple as that and it will enable us to have a normal fall semester

President Indiana University

A campaign for Personal choice and responsibility will get better public health results than requirements that “might come across as ham-handed and dictorial”

Purdue University President

Indiana State says they will facilitate equal treatment of students, making moot questions about who’s vaccinated and who’s not, The university will simply require students to “attest” that they have been vaccinated with exemptions for medical and religious reasons .. urging not requiring …

Spokesman for Indiana University

Our App is the Answer

  • Passport Alternative
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Ultra Secure Data Vault
  • Banking Level Access Security
  • Individual Selects Verification Option
  • Works With All Vendors And Labs

The Perfect Covid Solution

VAX1Stop is a complete solution that enables you to safely return your school back to normal. Implement the perfect solution for your students and faculty.

Make our Solution Available at your School


Receive a notification if someone tests positive or is not vaccinated. You can set your rules on how you want our app to be implemented for your situation.


Let us help you define your Covid policies & procedures to ensure safety.


We priced VAX1Stop to be affordable for all organizations. Keep your users safe for as little as $3/mo/user.

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