Many of you want a way to share your Covid Status, but some still take exception to this Concept…

We all have our own beliefs and rationale for our decisions…

We may not agree on every issue but keeping an open mind and being aware of each other’s position can go a long ways toward reaching a consensus.
Here are some of the concerns we have heard and possible another way to look at those concerns…
We encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas as a way to help all of us better understand these complex issues.


Covid Safety measures are a very polarizing subject. This site presents a proposed solution designed to satisfy the concerns of those worrying about Covid Safety. We realize that no solution will satisfy everyone, but it is important to have a starting point.
We promote the philosophy that Covid can be managed and that management needs to be done where people gather, through Community-based Best Practices.
We believe that:
  • Covid can be passed between individuals in group settings

  • Best Practices can minimize Covid transfer

  • Those that are contagious should not be brought into contact with others

  • If there is a group someone is responsible for ensuring Covid Safety

  • Participating individuals should support Best Practices

  • If Participants disagree then they should not participate

  • If Covid Status is a Best Practice status, management is necessary

For those of you that feel that there is no need for proactive measures our approach takes your beliefs into consideration yet still allows those wishing to be proactive, a means of doing so.
We encourage you to review our approach and if it is worthy of interest share it with your community.
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