Investor Relations

The VAX1Stop solution is more than just an app – it is a Movement.

No one has truly figured out how to best implement Covid safety. The key is for each individual to know the status of neighboring individuals. Since the federal government has decided that this is not their responsibility, managing this becomes a community level obligiation.

The VAX1Stop Community Approach is a step in the right direction and provides community leaders a framework within which to work to begin to get a handle on this problem.

We have defined a nascent program that is ripe with promise. Here is an opportunity for you to “get in on the ground floor” and help us expand this solution throughout the US.

If you wish to explore our opportunity, we ask that you be an accrediated investor. I will address any of your questions regarding investing opportunites with the VAX1Stop App Program. If there is mutual intierest, I will then send you an information packed explaining how you can participate.

Leon McKenzie – CEO
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