Frequently Asked Questions

Why was VAX1Stop created?

Today there is no publically accessible tool that allows an individual to securely record their Covid-19 journey. While several initiatives are underway to provide Covid recording tools by various Government agencies, these all suffer the burden of having to prove that they are not being used to track the individuals using the apps.

Is it easy to share my results?

VAX1Stop uses the most recent smartphone sharing technolgies to allow you to share with only those folks with whom you have a personally secure relationship.

Is VAX1Stop a Passport?

VAX1Stop is a passport alternative. You can decide who you want to share your results with. What information you provide into our recordkeeping digital vault is fully up to you.

How much does it cost?

The VAX1Stop app is available for individuals and families. Individual plans cost $4.99/month and family plans cost $7.99 a month for a families up to four. Our state of the art digital vault stores your information safely using banking level access security. This comes at a price to us so we did our best to keep our individual and family plans affordable for everyone.

What are the testing and vaccination verification options?

Every record that is added to your digital vault is eSigned attesting that the information provided is accurate. For an additional level of confidence, we also provide notary options. Users can notarize their records online or in-person. Our verification approach makes our solution one of the most verifiable and trusted solutions currently offered.

How do I make this available in my community?

We are available in most communities and are expanding our reach every day. If you want to request that a company, school, or organization implement VAX1Stop, then please go here and select your community and follow the link to request VAX1Stop.

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