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Here is the Covid Manager You Have Been Seeking

Simple, Inexpensive

Covid Management System

  • Uses Employee Information that they Maintain
  • Optimized for Companies with 100+ Employees

Employees Will Want to Use It

This is an App that will help them maintain all  of their Test &
Vaccination information for themselves and every member of their Family

Can be used anywhere requiring Proof of Vaccination

The #1 Factor in Implementing a Covid Safety Solution is EMPLOYEE ACCEPTANCE

Our Solution is built on our VAX1Stop App

Our Full Feature, Gold Standard App is:

Accepted Everywhere Proof of Vaccination Required

Provides Users Total Control of their Own Information

Their data is saved in their Own Ultra Secure Personal Digital Vault

Provides Head of Family Control of All Family Covid Information


The one-stop solution for Covid safety and compliance

The new White House mandate requires all companies with more than 100 employees to ensure that their employees are either:

  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Test Negative on a Weekly Basis

Our ultra secure digital vault smartphone app makes it easy for you to comply with the new rules.

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Keep Your Employees Safe and Ensure OSHA Compliance

Our FREE Dashboard provides you a snapshot of your Covid compliance at any point in time.

Manage Vaccinations and Exemptions

Weekly Testing Tracking

Secure & HIPAA compliant

Custom Covid Enterprise Dashboard

Store vaccine and testing records in our Ultra Secure Data Vault

Vaccination Status: Securely store Vaccine info
Testing: Report all tests including Rapid and PCR
Verification: Attest with e-Signature or Notary
Exemptions: Religious and Medical
HIPAA Compliant: Our Secure Digital Vault maintains privacy

Your Employees Will Welcome This Solution!

They need more than just a picture of their Vaccination card, they need to manage their Covid journey

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They Control their Information

Only they decide who sees their data

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Common Sense Health Status

Family Plan (Optional)

  • Unlimited Family Members
  • Principals control Family Information
  • Children 12+ Have their own App

All “Proofs” Supported

  • Vaccination Cards
  • All Test Results
  • SMART Health Cards

Declare Covid Status

  • Certification Statements
  • Vaccinated
  • Currently Tested
  • Exemptions

Personal Attestation

  • eSignature
  • Notarized Statement
  • Online Notary

Simple Data Sharing

  • Device to Device
  • Email, SMS
  • QR Codes

Your Employees will love this…

They can track the entire Covid Journey of every member of their family.

Our family plans start at $7.99 a month and allow employees’ families to their vaccination records and track their testing history. Help them protect their families for a low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

General App Questions

How does VAX1Stop ensure data security?

Data is protected by enforcement of the industry’s best standards that comply with HIPAA. Data is stored inside Safe-4’s secure private data vault. Safe4 is configured to the highest standards and is rated “A+” in independent testing. Files that have been uploaded are encrypted using AES-256 before being saved to storage.

Where is the data stored?

Your data is protected by enforcement of the industry’s best standards that comply with HIPAA. Information is stored in Safe-4’s data vault located in the United States.

What kind of proof of vaccination is acceptable?

VAX1Stop makes it possible for you to declare your vaccination status in a few different ways. We support the SMART Health Card system. We allow you to upload your vaccination card and attest to the accuracy of the information provided. We also allow users to certify their vaccination status. It is up to the business to establish best practices that they want their employees and customers to follow.

Does VAX1Stop support test tracking?

Yes, we do. Users can upload their test results as frequently as needed.

Is it available in my country?

VAX1Stop is available in the United States and is in the process of expanding to Asia.

How much does the consumer app cost?

Our goal was to make the app as affordable as possible so as many users as possible can get on board. We have monthly costs associated with each secure data vault along with costs associated with developing the solution. Individual pricing starts at $4.99/mo and family plans begin at $7.99/mo.

Enterprise plan pricing is depended on the number of licenses.

Employer/Organization Questions

Can employers see an employee's private medical information?

Employers are only able to see Covid vaccination and testing information from their employees. Employers cannot see any other private health information from employees.

What information does the dashboard show?

The dashboard shows the following information for employees:

  • Covid Vaccination Status
  • Covid Test Results
  • Exemption Status

Does this solution comply with the OSHA mandate?

Yes, by adopting our solution, your company will be compliant with the OSHA mandates. We go above and beyond to ensure workplace safety.

Can users opt-out for medical or religious exemptions?

Yes, employees are able to claim religious or medical exemptions with our app.

How much does it cost to implement VAX1Stop at my enterprise?

Our full featured deluxe family plan is for organizations who want to get up and running quickly with all the bells and whistles for their employees and their household.

This includes vaccine tracking, self-reported testing, vaccine certifications, e-signature attestation and access for the whole family.

This plan is $7.99/mo/user with discounts available for enterprises that purchase licenses for their users.

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