Family Covid Information?

Always be Prepared

Use the App that is Accepted wherever PROOF OF VACCINATION is REQUIRED

Have your entire Family’s Info at your Fingertips – Never Leave Home without it

Vaccination and Test records stored securely in our digital vault

Powered by Safe4

One of the most secure Data Vault
solutions anywhere in the world

HIPAA Compliant

Our secure vault features bank-level security

Ultra Secure Digital Vault

Our digital vault features bank-level access security

You Control Your Data

Only you can save your information and determine who sees it

Personal Attestation

e-Sign and notarize your records for next level verification

Protect The Entire Family with our Family Plan

Our family plan starts at $7.99 a month and allow your family to store the vaccination records and track their testing history. Protect your family for a low cost.

Recordkeeping App For Vaccinations and Testing

Personal Data Vault Solution

Individual Plans: $4.99/mo & Family Plans for $7.99/mo

Need to Tell Someone your Covid Status?

Built-in Vaccine & Test Certification

E-Signature & Notary Options

Your Proof is Your Word


You attest that your information is accurate by simply e-signing  your uploaded testing/vaccination records

In-Person Notary

Provides an added level of confidence making your Covid data even more verifiable and trusted

Online Notary

For the NEXT level of verification and convenience use our online Notarization service