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“I’m worried about COVID vaccination mandates. I am concerned about my employees health, and I most certainly do not want a COVID outbreak at any of my facilities, but honestly, I have a business to run and at the end of the day that is where I want to devote my energy. What can I do to satisfy these new mandates and get my employees back to work?”

Employers across the country face uncertainty regrading the upcoming COVID vaccination mandates and testing requirements. As someone responsible for managing the implementation of the new Federal Mandates for your employees, we understand that the new Federal Guidelines and OSHA Mandates for COVID must be making your head spin. After all, as the leader of your community, you are responsible for keeping your community safe.

Our COVID Safety Solution Can Help!

We have created a unique solution that is built on the knowledge that your employees want control of their own information. They do not want their data saved in a 3rd party repository over which they have no control. They want a solution that saves both Test & Vaccination results, but most of the solutions on the market today ignore the fact that testing is an integral part of COVID safety management. Our solution provides individuals access to an Ultra Secure Digital Vault where they can save their own fully-encrypted information. Only Test & Vaccination information is maintained in their vault, and they are the only ones that can save and retrieve it. In fact, their vault is so secure that not even we have access to their information.

You have a need for employees to certify that they have been vaccinated, tested, or that they object to the entire approach. Our solution allows them to attest to that fact and that certification can be shared with whomever employees choose to share it with, including their employers.

Dashboard for Employers and An App for Employees

Our solution is the most Full-Featured COVID Information app on the market today.

Our FREE Dashboard provides you a snapshot of your organization’s COVID Safety at any point in time. Also there are no HIPAA issues with our approach. Employees choose to make their information available to you for reporting purposes, and you assure them that this is the only use of their data. Learn more about our enterprise solution.

Don’t wait until OSHA Mandates deadlines are out. Let us help you plan ahead to be in compliance and keep your workforce safe and functioning. Call us now at (214) 833-7720 or schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

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