The COVID-19 Compliance Coach App helps you manage the day-to-day tasks of your COVID-19 response.

  • Monitor employee health daily
  • Plan for fluid business continuity during low, medium and high COVID-19 risk scenarios
  • Train and track staff on core COVID-19 compliance knowledge
  • Push time-sensitive community /business alerts to staff
  • Demonstrate proof of COVID-19 compliance to customers and the community

1. Health Screening

Ensure your teams are safe to report to work with a simple health screening tool.

Team members answer three simple CDC-based questions on the app. And administrators can see at a glance who is safe to report to work.

2. Response Planning and Communication

The CDC has community guidelines for high, medium and low levels of transmission.

The COVID-19 Compliance Coach can help you create custom safety and continuity plans for your organization at each level of risk, then communicate them effectively to your team.

3. Training & Certification

Arm your teams with COVID-19 core knowledge.

Our engaging courses train your team on safety and business practices to stay healthy and serve your community with care.

Looking for a better way to navigate COVID-19 compliance for your organization? Schedule a demo and find out why this solution is the go-to for so many organizations.